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Preparation Guidelines for Surgical Operations


If you have a surgical operation coming up, making the essential preparations can help pave the road toward a successful and safe outcome. If you could use a tip or two on the matter, ANESERVICES, INC., home to trusted healthcare practitioners in Columbus, Georgia, has the information you require!

Here, we are not only committed to equipping you with no less than the highest quality of healthcare staff, including certified nursing assistants in Georgia. We also ensure our community can lean on us when accessing pertinent materials and resources.

That said, here are a few preparation guidelines for those about to undergo surgery straight from an experienced staffing agency like us:

  • Focus on communicating with your healthcare team
    It’s really important to openly talk to your surgical team. Anesthesia providers, for instance, should be aware of your medical history, allergies, medications, and any existing conditions so they can make informed choices about your surgery and anesthesia.
  • Follow pre-operative instructions
    Your surgeon and anesthesiologist will provide specific instructions about fasting (i.e., what you should not eat or drink), medications to take or avoid, and other guidelines. You must adhere to these to reduce the risk of complications during surgery and anesthesia.
  • Gain as much insight as you can
    Understanding the surgical procedure, potential risks, expected recovery time, and what to expect post-surgery is highly recommended for patients. Doing so can alleviate any sense of anxiety you may have and help you make informed decisions.

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