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Effective Tips to Improve Operating Room Efficiency

Several barriers may prevent surgical procedures from going smoothly and that includes operating room inefficiencies. In addition to adequate staffing and consulting services, there are many ways hospitals can improve operating room efficiency. In this blog, we delve into strategies that do just that:

  • Reduce operating room costs.

    Keeping operating rooms up-to-date can be costly which can be problematic when there are cancellations, delays, or mistakes in the surgery schedule. Hospitals can bring down the cost by improving scheduling and utilizing as few operating rooms as possible. Having a legal nurse consultant on board can be useful to prevent additional costs from medical malpractice and similar scenarios.

  • Utilize a digital schedule board.

    Using a traditional OR schedule board can be challenging, especially when there is a need to make updates to surgical cases in real-time. Instead, administrators should consider a digital operating room schedule board. This makes it easier for other staff who deliver nursing and anesthesia services to keep track of their daily schedules and surgical procedures.

  • Avoid equipment issues.

    Missing, broken, or unavailable equipment can cause major issues in operating room efficiency. This can lead to delays or even the cancellation of surgical procedures. To prevent this issue, surgeons and other staff should use a surgery management platform. This can be used to document the necessary equipment for each case and makes it easier to keep track of equipment that needs to be repaired or maintained.

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