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Must-Have Communication Skills for Healthcare Workers

Effective and skillful communication is essential to health care. Clear, honest, and open communication between healthcare practitioners enables them to share vital information about a patient’s prognosis, condition, and treatment plan. The ability to communicate effectively enables collaboration and is essential to delivering coordinated, comprehensive care. In this blog article, we break down the communication skills every healthcare professional should have:

  • Communicate properly with colleagues.

    Healthcare professionals like certified nursing assistants often communicate with their colleagues they work with on the job. Professionals like nurses, physicians, and medical assistants interact with each other daily. The ability to communicate and relay details like findings and patient history to other specialists is crucial to delivering quality care.

  • Adequately educate patients.

    A patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan are not as effective when the patient does not understand them. Hence, communication skills are crucial for a CRNA and other healthcare workers. They must have the ability to translate complex medical information into language that patients can understand. They must also strike a balance between being supportive and encouraging to patients without being overbearing.

  • Effective non-verbal communication.

    Non-verbal communication like facial expressions and body language is just as important as it enables providers to build relationships with their patients. This provides cues to underlying unspoken concerns and helps reinforce information like verbal instructions. This also entails written communication that is clear and accurate in prescriptions, patient records, referral letters, emails, and similar.

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