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Uncovering the Causes of Burnout Among Nursing Staff

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion that is caused by sustained work-related stressors. Whether that entails long hours or the pressure of decision-making, nursing staff are at a greater risk for burnout, which can affect their work performances and personal lives. As a healthcare agency, we will discuss the common causes of burnout among nursing staff:

  • Long Work Hours
    Nursing staff, like a nurse practitioner or legal nurse consultant in Georgia,tends to work longer hours. With the rising demand for nursing services, this translates to overworked nurses. Longer hours cause a chronic lack of sleep that makes it even more difficult to recuperate and recover from long hours and consecutive shifts.
  • High-Stress Environment
    Every nursing specialty has its own challenges, with some specialties being more stressful than others. For instance, working in the emergency department or providing assistance with anesthesia services in Georgia may entail dealing with traumatic injuries, ethical dilemmas, and combative patients. Higher stress levels increase the risk of burnout.
  • Emotional Strain
    Patient care is among the most fulfilling aspects of nursing. However, there are also the emotional letdowns of dealing with lower recovery and higher mortality rates. This may lead to compassion fatigue and increase the chances of burnout.
  • Lack of Support
    In addition to family and loved ones, nursing staff also need support at the workplace. When the workplace lacks a culture of collaboration and teamwork, burnout may be more prevalent. Poor teamwork is characterized by office politics, conflict, sub-par communication, and a lack of cooperation.

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