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The Significance of Certified Nursing Assistants


Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) play a crucial role in healthcare by providing direct patient care and assistance to other healthcare professionals. If you wish to take a closer look at how these specialists can be of service, ANESERVICES, INC., home to trusted healthcare practitioners in Columbus, Georgia, is here to lend you a hand!

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Among many things, certified nursing assistants in Georgia can offer crucial assistance in delivering health care because they are:

  • Responsible for providing primary care while helping with patients’ feeding, repositioning, and ambulation. CNAs ensure patients are comfortable, clean, and well-cared for throughout their hospitalization.
  • Trained to administer and record measurements of vital signs such as respiratory rate, pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. They closely monitor these signs and notify the nursing staff or healthcare professionals of any noteworthy changes.
  • Middlemen between patients, families, and the medical team. They inform nurses, physicians, and other healthcare personnel about the needs, concerns, and observations they have of patients
  • Well-versed with various medical procedures, such as collecting specimens for laboratory testing, assisting with wound care, and applying dressings.

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