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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Staffing Agency


When healthcare institutions think about teaming up with a staffing agency, it’s important to ask certain key questions. These help assess the agency’s reliability, alignment with institutional goals, and capability to address unique needs. Would you like a tip or two on this? ANESERVICES, INC., home to trusted healthcare practitioners in Columbus, Georgia, is at your service!

We recommend considering the following questions so you can get ahold of a tried-and-true healthcare agency:

  • Which healthcare professions does the agency have expertise in recruiting?

    Determine the kinds of healthcare professionals, such as nurses, physicians, allied health, or perhaps certified nursing assistants in Georgia, that the agency specializes in placing. This enables you to ensure whether they can meet your specific needs.

  • What methods does the agency employ to find and evaluate candidates?

    Ask about their candidate recruitment and screening procedures, which may involve background checks, credential validation, and competency assessments. Verify that they have thorough protocols in place to identify reliable health professionals.

  • Does the agency adhere to healthcare regulations and standards?

    Ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and standards is paramount. Therefore, verifying that the agency is well-versed in and abides by relevant healthcare regulations, including licensure, certification, and accreditation requirements, is imperative.

  • Is the agency equipped with data on staff satisfaction and performance metrics?

    Inquire whether the agency monitors and provides information on the satisfaction levels and performance metrics of the staff they deploy at the facilities they are working with.

If there is anything you would like to run by us, such as hiring a CRNA in Georgia, please let us know!


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