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Joint Commission for Hospitals for Patient Safety


The Joint Commission is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality and safety of any healthcare agency or hospital in the United States.

They work with hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers to develop and implement standards and guidelines for patient care.

Any healthcare staff, such as anesthesiologist doctors in Georgia, ensures that they meet the standards of the Joint Commission.

One of the ways that the Joint Commission achieves this goal is by receiving reports of patient safety events from various sources.

Patients, families, government agencies, the public, staff employed by organizations, and the media can all submit reports of events that they believe have compromised patient safety.

The Joint Commission uses this data to spot possible risk areas at authorized organizations and create plans to raise the standard and safety of healthcare.

In addition to receiving reports of patient safety events, the Joint Commission works with state regulatory and patient safety authorities to reduce duplicative expectations for accredited organizations subject to voluntary or mandatory reporting requirements.

This helps streamline the reporting process and ensure that organizations and healthcare professionals meet the highest patient safety standards.

The commission has helped improve patient safety and reduce the incidence of adverse events, making healthcare in the United States safer and more reliable.

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