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How Hospitals Can Better Manage Staff Shortages

Staffing shortages in healthcare are a growing problem that negatively impacts patient care and outcomes. Fortunately, there are several strategies that hospitals and other healthcare facilities in Georgia can implement to mitigate these shortages. Here, we explore several effective strategies for addressing shortages and boosting employee retention and engagement:

  • Utilize technology to enhance clinical workflows.
    Technology is utilized more in healthcare settings as it enables electronic medical records. This facilitates the sharing of information between specialists and labs to improve coordination. Integrating technology can also make it easier to schedule staff, simplify administrative work, and monitor patients to ease the burden on their staff.
  • Implement ways to retain current staff.
    Employee turnover is costly, so it makes sense to retain the existing workforce. Hospitals and other facilities can do this by implementing clinician recognition programs, offering flexibility, and launching initiatives to support staff well-being. Hospitals can also rely on healthcare staffing services in Columbus, Georgia,to ease the workload on existing staff.
  • Implement strategic placement and scheduling.
    Healthcare facilities must cultivate their teams by understanding the skills, preferences, aptitudes, and knowledge of each individual staff. In doing so, they can maximize staff coverage through strategic scheduling and placement. Healthcare professionals may show potential for moving into specialties or areas that have the greatest need, which can benefit both the employee and the hospital.

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