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Discover the Latest Innovations in Operating Rooms

Today, emerging technology has made a significant impact on how we operate and function — including in healthcare. Several minimally invasive and non-invasive surgeries performed by healthcare practitioners, would not be possible without the use of new tools and technology. Likewise, we delve into the latest innovations used in operating rooms in this article.

  • Voice recognition OR programs

    High-tech monitors and devices used in the OR used to be touch-controlled. Today, many hospitals have shifted towards voice-controlled surgical technology as it improves safety. In addition to proper scheduling and adequate staffing, the use of voice recognition improves efficiency and lowers the risk of burnout. Controlling devices without touching them also reduces the risk of contamination.

  • Hybrid operating rooms

    A hybrid operating room is a surgical space that is designed with the latest interventional and medical imaging devices. This makes it possible to perform complex procedures. Certified nursing assistants and other healthcare staff make use of state-of-the-art equipment for procedures like image-guided surgery operations.

    New imaging devices like MRI scanners, fixed C arms, and CT scanners enable the visualization of microscopic body parts. This increases the accuracy of procedures as the devices collect data in the form of intraoperative scans. This guides the CRNA and the rest of the surgical team’s decisions.

  • Internet-connected devices

    The internet is now a common feature in the operating room to support the aforementioned technologies. An internet connection is useful not just for teleconsultations but also for data exchange between devices. This eliminates cable entanglements and enables the faster sharing of data to improve patient safety and care.

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