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Build a stronger case with the objective support of a legal nurse consultant
In the legal arena, lawsuits may require the objective and critical analysis of a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) to evaluate claims and formulate evidence-based verdicts. Our LNCs at ANESERVICES, INC. readily lend their expertise to attorneys seeking professional advice for the medical aspects integrated into the litigation process.

A legal nurse consultant’s primary duty is to interpret medical records that a legal team will utilize to build their case. In addition, our LNCs can deliver other ranges of support, such as accurately determining potential patient care breaches for cases revolving around medical malpractice. You can trust our professionals to offer consulting services that include:

  • Preparing a summary or timeline of medical records
  • Assume a role as a nurse expert witness
  • Analyze causation and damages issues
  • Assist plaintiffs and defense attorneys with deciding on a merit
  • Facilitate medical literature studies
  • Among others

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